In 1989 there were 389 biotech companies on a worldwide basis. Most were staffed with executive individuals from pharmaceutical companies and academia who brought with them years of training, experience and track records in their fields. They practically invented the industry and its practices as they went. Now many are retired or about to retire.

Today there are almost 10,000 biotech companies worldwide - each endeavoring to raise capital, develop “products,” build successful enterprises and attract talent to execute complex strategies in an environment completely different than twenty, even five years ago. In an industry where timelines to success are historically long and risky to begin with, where experienced executives are harder and harder to come by and where investors and boards are demanding faster returns.

BioMentorz™, a South San Francisco-based firm, represents a unique approach to increasing the productivity of companies without outsourcing functional management or producing large and generally unread reports. We roll up our sleeves.

New comers to biotech/medtech and even the most talented, bright, veteran senior managers in today’s complex environment can benefit from tapping into perspectives and experiences outside their immediate sphere. But where do you get to seek quiet, unfiltered, tell it like it is advice? Your Board? Your executive team? Your retired neighbor?

BioMentorz is a group of experienced C-level managers who have built companies, sold companies, closed companies, done deals, raised capital and dealt with Boards and investors. We stand behind our clients assisting them address strategic imperatives as well as tactical needs. We can be project oriented, mentor oriented and/or strategy oriented, whatever makes sense for building value with you, for you and from behind the curtains.

Jack Anthony, Phil Haworth and Gayle Mills are the Principals of BioMentorz. Each has 30+ years in life sciences, about half of that experience in large complex organizations, and half in younger more entrepreneurial settings. We have worked in an advisory capacity with more than three dozen life sciences companies. We believe we all have a reputation of the highest integrity and calling it the way we see it. While we have much in common, we also highly value our differences. Jack is an accomplished deal guy and really understands “the secret sauce.” Phil has been a BD executive and CEO in the US and Europe and sees strategy as key to any campaign. Gayle is a well-known business development executive with deep roots in sales and marketing and uses those strengths to create appropriate commercialization strategies.

We begin engagements with a chat. About you, your company and us. Contact us and we can see if there is a fit between your needs and our capabilities. We look forward to it.

BioMentorz Principals and Associates all operate independently but cross-reference each other when appropriate on projects. In general, each member has his or her own style, interests, and expertise. Each engages with clients in a different manner depending on the need – from simple availability by phone and email to more detailed face time with your team to travelling to bring home an alliance. We will match ourselves to your needs


, founder of BioMentorz, has a wealth of experience from over 37 years in healthcare. He is currently active with two VC firms, the acting CEO of Fibralign and formerly the CEO of Osprey Pharmaceuticals USA and CEO of Pharmix (now Numerate) and served as a member of the Board of Directors of Vaxgen, a public US company. Prior to his CEO roles Jack focused for 15+ years on biotech business development and marketing at a variety of biotech companies. Jack was Senior Vice President of Business Development at Saegis Pharmaceuticals (now at Lundbeck). He was a key player in the buyout of Tularik by Amgen where he led the Business and Commercial Group. In the fifteen years prior to Tularik he was the senior executive business development officer at FibroGen, Inc., Cell Therapeutics, Inc., Inhale, Applied Immune Sciences (now at sanofi-aventis) and General Manager of ExViT, the AIS subsidiary focused on the delivery of ex-vivo cell therapies. Jack began his life sciences career at Baxter Healthcare Corporation and for close to seventeen years held various sales, marketing and general management positions in the U.S. and internationally. He departed Baxter as a Vice President of the Blood Therapy Group. Prior to Baxter Jack cut his teeth selling at Olivetti and Proctor and Gamble. Jack has a BS in zoology from Allegheny College and served as a Navy Officer for five years. Jack was the Frank Barnes Mentor of the Year in 2004 of the Licensing Executives Society of the US/Canada.

PHIL HAWORTH has 30 years of experience in the biotechnology industry as a research scientist, business development executive and private and public company CEO. The experience gained is as complex and diverse as the industry itself. Phil has led high performing research teams, business development groups and entire companies. He has executed significant licensing transactions on three continents and successfully raised money in extremely challenging environments in both the United States and the United Kingdom. His broad technical education in science and law, together with his international background and dual US and UK citizenship enables him to contribute across a wide range of situations, both in the US and internationally.

Educated in the United Kingdom Phil has a BSc. in Physiology and Biochemistry from the University of Southampton and a Ph.D. in protein biochemistry from the University Manchester. As part of his introduction to life in the United States he also earned a J.D. from Stanford University Law School.

GAYLE MILLS has a wide ranging background in pharmaceutical sales, marketing and business development. Gayle learned the pharmaceutical business carrying a bag for Sandoz Corporation. Subsequent positions in pharmaceutical and diagnostic marketing provided her with a strong background in the fundamentals that drive our business. Later in her career, Gayle moved into senior business development and operations positions which allowed her to incorporate her strong commercial understanding into the creation of strong selling propositions for programs ranging from early stage “ideas” to late stage clinical candidates. In these roles she consummated a large number of major research collaborations, product licenses and M&A transactions. As Chief Business Officer of ROXRO PHARMA, she led the operational activities that resulted in FDA approval of an innovative acute pain product. She was Senior Vice President, Business Development of Abgenix, Inc. a premier antibody technology and product company that was sold to Amgen under her watch. Prior to Abgenix she was Vice President, Business Development at Eos Biotechnology and Vice President of Neurobiology Business Development and Strategic Marketing at Roche. Gayle’s unique areas of expertise include the incorporation of sound commercial thinking into business development processes, late stage small molecule and antibody product development and portfolio/strategic planning – all from the perspective of smaller companies wrestling with how to best use often limited financial resources. Gayle, a native Californian, has a BS from Notre Dame de Namur and an MBA from Santa Clara University.


, a UCSF trained, board certified rheumatologist with over 15 years of preclinical and clinical drug development experience in small and midsize companies. She has held senior level positions in several biopharmaceutical companies including ALZA, Immunex, Eos Biotechnology, PDL Biopharma and Osprey Pharmaceuticals USA. Her experience in drug development reaches across a wide variety of therapeutic areas and all stages of drug development, as well as, post marketing, alliance management, in-licensing, out-licensing and due diligence activities supporting pipeline and portfolio life-cycle management. She has been directly involved in the development of several marketed product, most notable, Enbrel? for Rheumatoid arthritis in adults and children. During her distinguished career she has built, reorganized and managed many drug development teams. One of her passions is to guide these teams to successful regulatory and clinical development strategies, while mentoring individuals to reach their personal career goals.

MEL SCHATZ has spent over 30 years in areas of medical devices and diagnostics. He has managed both large multi-functional businesses and embryonic start-ups both in the United States and in Asia. His experience combines the complexity of managing a global business while successfully launching new technologies. He enjoys helping organizations translate customer needs into effective commercial strategies. He spent 10 years building a marketing organization and introducing over 30 diagnostics products for Marion Labs. His subsequent fifteen years at Abbott Diagnostics encompassed experiences in managing a worldwide strategic business unit, a sector of multiple businesses (consumer, physician office and hospital labs) and finally as V.P. of ADD’s Asia Pacific Area and President of Dainabot, its Japan joint venture. In 1997 he transitioned to medical devices as V.P. of Medtronic’s recently acquired Aneurx business. He guided Aneurx through FDA approval and when he left, the business was generating over $150MM in annual revenues. He has since managed 2 medical device start-ups founded by Tom Fogarty, M.D. He currently serves as CEO of Crux Biomedical, a Class II implant for the prevention of pulmonary embolisms. He serves on several Boards and as an advisor to the Fischell School of Biomedical Engineering at the Univ. of Maryland. He earned his BS in Economics from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Rockhurst College.

NANCY HSIUNG, PH.D. has over 30 years of experience in the biotechnology industry, in both scientific and managerial positions as well as in investment community. Nancy has worked with GeneChem Management Inc, a venture fund headquartered in Montreal, Canada since 2001, where her responsibilities included sourcing, assessing and managing investment opportunities in the biopharmaceutical industry. Prior to GeneChem, Nancy worked as a consultant whose activities range from strategic planning, business development, technology assessment, market research and financing for biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies. For six years in the 1990s, Nancy was responsible for strategic planning and technology assessment for Toyobo Corporation's (a large Japanese multinational) biopharmaceutical division. She started her career on the operational side as a senior scientist with Integrated Genetics (now part of Genzyme, now Sanofi) where she established the company's gene expression and tissue culture capabilities, and as a member of the management team at Applied Biotechnology, whose focus was on vaccines and oncology. Nancy received a BA degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. degree in chemistry from Columbia University; she completed her post-doctoral studies in molecular biology at Yale University and Princeton University. She holds over 15 patents and patent applications worldwide. Nancy is based in Boston.

In addition to its mentor consulting, BioMentorz, with company, state, national and regional
organization sponsors, conducts seminars such as:


An Intensive, Hands-on Practical Course

The BioMentorz Soup to Nuts Biotech Deal Making is a day and a half skill honing course, as an add-on to sponsored Industry Conferences or as a freestanding seminar in regions rich with biotech/pharmaceutical companies. We also do these seminars for companies where the team needs to build skills together. This offering is targeted at individuals who are tasked with developing collaborations directly or as a key collateral assignment to their other daily activities. We have worked with CEOs, COOs, CFOs, VPs, Directors and Managers of BD, Corporate Counsels, CMOs, scientists and VCs and their portfolio companies. Titles are not important, the imperative and drive to be a more proficient, professional and successful deal-maker is what is critical.
Soup to Nuts is designed to provide participants with the “real world” tools necessary to achieve deal making success. It is intended for industry executives who want to sharpen their BD skills and go to a higher level of confidence in their ability to nail the appropriate deal for their company. Other stakeholders who are important participants in the company’s deal making process will also benefit from this offering. We keep the number of attendees small so that we achieve the right ratio to the faculty members to ensure an intense, intimate experience.

During the Soup to Nuts program, attendees will participate in a unique learning environment, where you learn by doing, learn by watching, learn by example, learn from your peers, and learn from the experienced faculty. You will get time in the “elevator” to do your pitch, and you will have an opportunity to take your own abbreviated, non-confidential company slide deck and get it intensely worked over for its effectiveness. No cute and contrived exercises. This is about the real world. BioMentorz only wants applicants who are looking for an intense one plus days, with individual effort, study group exercises, and classroom presentation and discussion.

The course content is filled with “boots on the ground” tools to systematically increase the likelihood of delivering collaboration deals. It is not a lecture-and-take-notes type of encounter. Nor is it an attempt to do a “one size fits all” cram session in BD skills. Rather, it is a set of Best Practices for each element of the deal process, peppered with “war stories” of practices that have worked and some that have not. This is not a giant lecture hall with a podium up front but rather an intimate sharing of critical experiences for all. Each of the sessions are done in a way that the participant can select out those skills and approaches, tailored to their own particular situation and personality. The faculty constantly challenges each other and the participants in the pursuit of better practices and approaches.

Key issues addressed:
• What is critical in this deal, and how do I get my deal team all pulling in the same direction?
• How do I develop my own style as a dealmaker? What fits with my personality, skill and experiences in a way that I integrate best
practices with my own way of doing things?
• How do I plan a partnering campaign? When do I start?
• Pull campaigns and Push Campaigns
• Who do I call? When? Why? Key “selling” concepts.
• Which pitch do I use when? The Card-Swap, The Elevator, Meeting One? Meeting Two? And three others…
• What are the important elements of my slide deck presentation?
• What are the social “do’s and don’ts” that make a big difference in the deal?
• How may I create multiple competing parties for my deal?
• How to I work with a Board to create realistic expectations?
• How do I know when is the right time to move to a term sheet?
• What are the commonly overlooked items in a terms sheet that may later haunt you?

The faculty for Soup to Nuts is always team selected by our principals who bring the necessary experience and style to guide the group to an intense and rewarding growth experience. Jack Anthony, Phil Haworth and Gayle Mills of BioMentorz, who as individuals have been on podiums at partnering meetings for the last 20+ years in North America, Europe and Asia, also participate. They represent close to a hundred years of BD experience and billions of bio-bucks in deals. No two sessions are ever exactly alike as the interactivity of the group influences the basic curriculum to be covered. This is an opportunity for the dealmaker and deal influencers to gain from the BioMentorz insights and take their own style of business development skills to a higher level.



An Intensive, Hands-on Practical Course

Raising early funding in today’s environment is a totally different exercise from just five years ago. Heck, just a couple of years ago. When there were four hundred biotech companies worldwide, plenty of low hanging fruit and venture capital groups were highly active in building their portfolios raising funds was a challenge…but not impossible.

Today with fewer funds, more small companies are seeking funding and seeing competition from Greentech, Social Media, BioFuels and other potentially attractive opportunities, the Dance is more complicated than ever before. Planning and implementing an effective funding campaign is driven by strategy, technology, IP, personality and timing issues to name a few. You know your opportunity and we can help you understand and carefully plan and execute your funding campaign. Raising equity capital, like deal-making, is a process that must be carefully and thoughtfully considered but is different in that decisions can come fast (or not at all) so there can be no missteps. And unlike a pharmaceutical company which will watch a company develop its technologies over time, VCs are subject to fund lives, limited partner oversight, biases, and whispers.

In the Attention we address:

• What do VCs want?
• Why do they act the way they do?
• Building a campaign. The value of enthusiasm.
• What VCs want to know, need to know vs. what you are giving them
• From Angels to A round
• Use of bankers, lawyers, experts, others
• Pitches: it’s all over in the first 3 minute
• Profiles: this is not Business Development
• Mistakes we have made
• After the close

BioMentorz will put the participants through an interactive three hour intensive session and give them new perspectives on how they compete in a world of messaging and how they can push through the noise of all the demands for dollars. It is far more than simply getting in front of a VC…it is all about preparation, collateral materials, stage managing aura, recognizing signals as they emerge and reacting properly.

If you have raised millions and millions of dollars through the years, this may not be your cup of tea. But if you are entering the funding ring for the first or second time, or if it has been quite a while since your last fund raising, this session will focus you and ground you for the experience ahead.


BIO and LES Meetings
Australia Biotech Annual Meeting - Melbourne
Chinese American BioPharmaceutical Society
I2E Ventures - Oklahoma City
Medicon Valley Alliance - Copenhagen
TVG BioPartnering North America
BayBio - San Francisco
Karolinska Development - Stockholm
Biotech Builders - Copenhagen


“Jack Anthony served as Symphogen’s Executive Business Development Consultant for several years, and was instrumental in facilitating our multi-target antibody discovery deal with Genentech in 2008. His vast Business Development experience and second to none negotiation skills coupled with his extensive network to executives in the Pharma and biotech industry has been tremendously helpful to Symphogen. I can highly recommend any company that needs top-professional help on business development to have Jack help you; he creates results and is at the same time fun to work with!”
- Kirsten Drejer, CEO, Symphogen

"The content delivered by BioMentorz' Jack Anthony was uniquely tailored to benefit seasoned life science executives and startup founders alike. It was an invaluable opportunity to teach these individuals that their customer isn't yet those afflicted with diseases they want to treat, but rather the strategic partners who can bring early capital and market access. Biomentorz teaches the practical, necessary elements of business and corporate development. Any team adopting these methods will dramatically improve their odds of success."
- Wayne Embree, General Partner Reference Capital; Vice President, Entrepreneur Services, i2E Venture

“Jack was extremely helpful to me as we mapped out our partnering campaign and coached me through the various demands that prospective partners put forth. There are few situations that Jack has not encountered in his BD career and he always has two or three ways to approach what appears to be a potential roadblock. He accelerated my learning process as a newly appointed business development person and I continue to build on the knowledge he brought to our party. We remain in close contact even today.”
- MC, VP, Business Development, Indiana-based Oncology/Inflammation Biotechnology Company

“Absolutely outstanding! Sage advice from the Tularik BD SVP. This is the stuff one needs to know”
- Participant, BIO/LES Business Development Basics, Washington DC, April 2003

“More speakers like David and Jack, great delivery, good content, useful anecdotes.”
- Participant, BIO/LES Business Development Basics, Boston, April 2007

“Stockholm BiotechBuilders and London BiotechBuilders all
want you as Speaker!!! - JT, BiotechBuilders, Copenhagen, May 2009

“Thanks for a great BDB and all your valuable input in the past year. I hope that we can continue on this path because it is getting better and better as the companies come away invigorated!”
- PB, Sunstone Capital, Copenhagen, January 2010

“Presentation feedback, elevator pitch, soft stuff about think through the BD process, the role of BD in stepping up to guide entire process. The combined expertise of the instructors could help almost anyone improve their BD skills and avoid mistakes.”
- Participant, Vancouver BioMentorz Seminar, February 2011

“Push-Pull, pitches, The Devil’s in the Details were eye openers for me.”
- AM, Vancouver BioMentorz Seminar, February 2011

“Elevator pitch, Push-Pull, Insight into Big Pharma Attitudes were most relevant for me.”
- BC, CEO, Vancouver BioMentorz Seminar, February 2011

“Excellent BD, ABC course." I wish I had had it when I started.”
- Biotech Participant, Copenhagen, January 2012

“Spot-on what I needed.”
- Biotech Participant, Copenhagen, January 2012

“Great session, important guidance, lively delivery.”
- i2E Participant, Oklahoma City, OK, February 2012

“Filled in a lot of white spaces for me.”
- i2E Participant, Oklahoma City, OK, February 2012

“You have an enthusiastic, experienced, engaging team!”
- Biotech Participant, Palo Alto, July 2012

“Planning a campaign was most relevant.”
- Biotech Participant, Palo Alto, July 2012

“Overall an extremely valuable two-day seminar using real-life examples or cases…”
- Biotech Participant, Palo Alto, July 2012

“How to deal with people. Most relevant.”
- Biotech Participant, Palo Alto, July 2012

“Ways to Pull, not just Push…very valuable”
- Biotech Participant, Palo Alto, July 2012

“Excellent! Most relevant: partnering planning, presentations, contract terms…”
-Biotech Participant, CABS Annual Meeting, Foster City, May 2013

“[This is] how to be a successful BD Person”
-Biotech Participant, CABS Annual Meeting, Foster, May 2013

“Views from the buyer’s side – EXCELLENT”
-Biotech Participant, CABS Annual Meeting, Foster City, May 2013


Please contact BioMentorz, as a company or a Sponsor, to discuss a Seminar or Consultation.

Jack Anthony, 206 619 0933
Phil Haworth, 650 704 3079

Or click CONTACT at top of page and send us an email.